The Presidential Search Committee of Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is in the process of finding a new school president.

Dr. Dan Boone announced departure when the ENC-Trevecca merger fell through. Soon after in April of last year, a committee chaired by Russ Long, current Chair of the Board of Trustees, was compiled to head up the search for a new president. This search is a confidential process, but the entire Presidential Search Committee, deliberately comprised of faculty, staff, student representation, District Superintendents, and members of the Board of Trustees, are working to make the best decision for our campus in a comprehensive process which is inclusive of the voices of each of these various constituents.

As of right now, according to Jeff Kirksey, Vice President of Student Development and Retention, Dr. Timothy Wooster is acting as the colleges’ CEO and interim president. In response to the recent announcement of Dr. Wooster’s resignation effective December 31st, 2018, member of the Presidential Search Committee, Dr. Philip LaFountain, stated that “We [as a committee] celebrate the gift of the leadership Dr. Timothy Wooster has offered to us through these years of guiding ENC through very challenging times. Now we recognize that God is leading him to share these gifts of leadership and care with Asbury University and that God will call a new presidential candidate [to serve at] ENC. We are thankful for God’s blessings and look forward to an exciting future.” 

There is not a specific amount of time a college can be without a president if the interim president is an appropriate fit for the leadership position. Because Dr. Wooster’s role in the leadership of our campus is coming to an end, according to Dr. LaFountain, the committee felt that they needed to be especially intentional and efficient to continue to provide the college with someone who has the necessary leadership skills to help the institution thrive.

There have already been 70 nominees and 20 applicants for the position; each are going through a rigorous application process. Once reviewed by the Presidential Search Committee, the number of applicants and nominees will be narrowed down to 13 people. They will have to answer three narrative questions that they submit online, which will eventually narrow it down even further to those who are granted phone interviews. After this, the committee will choose one individual whom they think is the best fit for the position; they will then propose this name to the Board of Trustees who will review the candidate. It is projected that this name will be chosen and submitted to the board by mid-November.

Kirksey stated that originally the committee wanted to have a decision made by the October board meeting, but they decided against that as a whole. The reasoning behind this decision was that the committee would rather take their time making a choice; they are deliberately working hard to keep in mind what is best for the campus regarding everything from academics to the student body. The Presidential Search Committee and Board of Trustees want to fill this position, but they also want to be thorough in order to find the person who is best suited for the college’s presidency.

The parameters and criteria that a president must fulfill can be found in the opportunity profile located on Eastern Nazarene College’s main website.