In four of the last six years, the New England Patriots have advanced to the Super Bowl. The AFC’s (American Football Conference) road to the Super Bowl goes through Gillette Stadium. Many on the Eastern Nazarene campus believe they’ll make it back there!

I had the chance to sit down with two avid Patriots fans and they strongly believe that the Patriots are capable of winning it all.

Dylan Kirby, junior at ENC considers this year’s Patriots team to be “better” and “more motivated” to win after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl last season. “I think after a slow start, the Patriots are returning to the dominant form we’ve come to know over the past decade. They are starting to look like the Patriots again”, said Kirby.

According to Kirby, the main part of their game that the Patriots could continue to improve on is their defense.

When asked if he was surprised by any of the players so far this season, Kirby said, “Everybody is expected to perform at the top level. However, adding Josh Gordon was huge.”

Matthew Nevill, Sophomore at ENC,  recognizes that “we are on the rise.” Nevill has full confidence in the Patriots ability to make it back after a rough start. Nevill said, “I feel this team is the same as last year. They started off slow, but they will make it back.”

Patriots rookie running back, Sony Michel, and the newly acquired Wide Receiver, Josh Gordon, have both caught Nevill’s eye this season and Nevill expects Gordon to have a breakout season.

My take on the Patriots is slightly different as I did not come into the season sharing the same optimism. I felt like the New England Patriots lost a great deal of important pieces to their team this past off-season. Danny Amendola and Malcolm Butler are both gone after not getting signed in the off-season, and Julian Edelman was suspended for a few games. There also seemed to be some rumblings of animosity surrounding the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

However, I can say after a mediocre start, they are proving me wrong.  I do not know if the Patriots will win the Super Bowl, but I have full confidence they will make it to there to play.

Overall, after a sluggish start to the season, the New England Patriots sit near the top of the NFL standings with a 8-3 record!