The Shrader Club held its yearly fundraising event at Chipotle in October and raised a total of $150 for the club.

For four hours, 33 percent of the proceeds from food purchased went to Shrader club, and according to the president of the club, Elisabeth Schaffer, it was a very successful fundraiser this year.

Schaffer is one of the six council members who decide on fundraisers and how the funds are used. The club was originally created for science majors, but Schaffer explained they do not turn anyone away because of their major. The proceeds from the fundraiser support game nights, study nights, an escape room event, and senior sendoff.

The game nights and study nights that have snacks and coffee, were made possible by fundraisers such as this one. They are usually held in the chemistry and biology reading rooms. The “escape room” event is an off-campus activity at the closest Escape the Room locations available at that time. In this case, Shrader club covers some of the costs while students pay the difference. The club will be hosting this popular event again this year.

“Senior sendoff” is a dinner held by Shrader Club in which the seniors of the Biology and Chemistry Departments are recognized. The professors join in by writing thoughtful notes to the seniors. This event is held every spring and the fundraising pays for the senior’s meal.

Chaplain of the Shrader club, Bruna Mora Iglesias, is also among the council members who make the decisions for the club. Mora Iglesias said, “Shrader club helps create a social life for science majors.” She feels with all the labs and coursework, it is often hard for students to be social, so this club provides structured time to hang out with friends both in and out of the department.

Biology major, Shaylee Todani, has gone to the game nights, playing Jack Box TV games and enjoying the popcorn, Cheez-Its, and coffee that were provided. She heard about it by seeing flyers around and decided to go with her friend. It’s a way for people who may not know each other well to have a way to hang out and get to know each other better without having to start up an awkward conversation,” she said, adding that she had a good time overall.

With all the school work that students are facing, Shrader Club is a great way for science majors to get together and have some fun. The students are able to make new friends, have a snack and take a break from hitting the books. All of these events couldn’t happen without fundraisers like Chipotle night.