Keri Lewis is the Assistant Dean of Community Life and plays quite a significant role on Eastern Nazarene College’s (ENC) campus. Specifically, she assists ENC’s Student Government Association (SGA) in their day to day tasks.

Keri Lewis described what her role as the Assistant Dean of Community Life included, “I oversee new student orientation, including summer, fall, and spring orientations; serve as advisor to the SGA; plan and implement programs and campus activities; manage the campus store; and collaborate with other campus offices on student leadership development. I also work closely with Professor Stephanie Flaherty on programs related to gender-based violence prevention,” said Lewis.

Aaron Hebert, Executive Director of Student Events, considers Lewis to be resourceful in helping guide SGA in whatever matters with which they need assistance. These matters range from specifics like planning an event, or more individual challenges like navigating being a member of SGA.

“Keri has helped us a lot by pointing us in the right direction,” Hebert said. “SGA is hard to come into every semester, having a new council. So, she has a lot of the knowledge of the Student Body Constitution, the different rules and policies that go on in the school. She’s a really great resource, just knowing everything,” Hebert said.

Hebert went on to describe Lewis’ role as it relates to ENC’s student body. “She’s the Assistant Dean of Community Life, which means she works directly with students for events and growth on campus.”

Keri Lewis’ Graduate Assistant, Jacquelin Arretche, explained more about Lewis’s role on this campus and what she has learned from being her assistant.

“In my opinion, Keri excels at her job as Assistant Dean of Community Life. She wears many hats on campus, and I don’t think people realize how much she truly does for the community of ENC. I’ve learned from Keri how much work and detail go into planning and executing events. I have also learned how the different departments on campus can work together to try and make the ENC experience the best it can be for the students,” said Arretche.

Currently, Lewis is serving as a pastor at a local Nazarene church and pursuing her ordination. Even within this next journey, ENC will still be a part of her future.

“I feel my call to ministry has been to be bi-vocational, serving both the local church and at the college. My role in Community Life is a ministry, and I love the opportunity to walk alongside students through their college years,” said Lewis.

After all the speculation, it appears that Lewis will continue being an integral part of ENC.