Here are the questions and answers from the SGA Election Forum held on February 21. Audience questions are not included. Questions were prepared by Darvence Chery.

Julia Seely, Director of Publicity candidate

Question 1: Why do you think students are unaware of events on campus, and how do you plan on changing that?

I think that email isn’t really the best way; I think that should be left mostly for academic reasons. I think that social media is a huge way I want to improve. Such as women’s basketball. [They have] been doing takeovers where players on the team will takeover Snapchat or Instagram. And I think that’s really cool to do with sports teams too; like “hey, we have a home game today,” and they have the camera in the locker room. I think that would be really cool too. And I also think things like “retweet this ten times and the president of SGA will dye their hair” or something like that. Finding cool ways to use social media is what I want to bring to this position.

Question 2: How can the Campus Chronicles be improved to make students more aware of the postings in that email?

I definitely think, first of all, a lot of people read their email to begin with, unless classes are getting canceled or something fun like that. So I think that finding alternative ways to get the word out that there is Campus Chronicles would be fun. Also, no offense to Rose or anything, but I think that getting an email from Rose, especially freshmen and transfers, I don’t think that they know exactly what the emails from her are for, because they may not know her and what her position is on campus. So I think that getting an email from SDO themselves or something like [them] would help too. I also think the layout is kinda funky because, first of all, not a lot of people are going to scroll and keep scrolling to read things. There’s also a lot of paragraphs and stuff like that; no one has time for that. So I think bullet points and more pictures and things like that would help a lot too because we don’t have time, We’re college kids; people, in general, don’t have time. So making it easier for the readers would make it a lot better.