What are three goals you have for your new position next year in SGA? 
“Well, I talked about this a little bit when I was running, so if anyone who reads this and saw that then they will already know. But three of the main goals that I have is that I want to change first year experience a little bit and add a section to that class where they talk a little bit about SGA. So that way when freshmen come to ENC, when they have first year experience and are getting oriented to the campus, where things are, who people are, what it is like to be a student here, they will have some time in that class where they will be able to hear from SGA and where they will be able to get acquainted with SGA. And conveniently I am also the person in charge of elections, so I also want to tie that into freshmen class elections as well, so that people have a better idea of how elections work, who’s running, and to try and get the most amount of people to participate in that as possible. So that’s one idea that I have and have already gotten started on it a little bit. So hopefully it will be ready to go next year!
Other things I want to do, I talked a little bit about this while I was running, but I also want to encourage clubs to work together on events more. Some clubs have a hard time picking an event they want to do and planning it all out. So I want to encourage them to work together a little bit more on events that way they can combine their resources and their people and hopefully get more people to attend club events. I haven’t quite worked out what the system will be for that, like what rewards I am going to be offering them. I think maybe I should talk to Paul Chong about having a financial bonus for club accounts, like if you have an event with another club you get an extra $25 for your club or something like that.
Another thing is I actually want to help a couple of clubs get started next year. This past year there has kind of been a movement on starting an LGBTQ+ club and starting a club for Asian students on campus. Those kinds of things have started this semester and last semester, so I just want to help them out next year and make sure they get off to a good start.”
Besides doing what is required from your SGA position, what is a different aspect of being in SGA that you are excited for? 
“A different aspect of SGA that I am excited for is especially something that is different from the position that I hold now. So right now I am the ARB chairperson, but that job mostly required me to work pretty independently. I don’t work a lot with other people. Even in the training that I have already done for next year, I realized that I will have to work a lot more with people, so I am excited about that because that is something I haven’t been able to do this year. And I am excited also about the opportunities I will have to serve on campus committees as well. One other thing that people on Executive SGA do is they serve on campus committees for different areas of student life— so there is curriculum committee, food committee and those types of different things. So I am excited get on one of those (committees) and see what that is all about.”