Every Monday at 10:25 AM, ENC students have the option to obtain a half chapel credit in the form of
Monday Morning Chapel meetings. These weekly meetings focus on individual spiritual growth and

There are 18 groups for the student body to choose, with each small group having a different leader and
location to meet. For example, the Freshman Girls’ Discipleship group meets in the first floor Williamson lounge, and the Outside the Lines book group meets in Gardner classroom 37.

Chaplain Lynne Bollinger has been working hard this past year to give the students at Eastern Nazarene the opportunity to grow with spiritual formation. Monday morning meetings allow students to voluntarily pray and have conversations with each other about their faith. The Monday morning meetings provide a safe environment for asking questions and welcome those who want to figure out their journey with Christ. Chaplain Lynne Bollinger emphasizes how ENC is “the kind of community where anyone in any place in their faith journey can feel welcome on campus.”

As the school year progresses, the workload can be challenging to maintain. Small groups are a tool to
guide students in the right spiritual path by implementing a sense of community. According to Bollinger, “We believe that our faith is shaped not only in our relationship with God but our relationships
with each other.”

The location and group information is located in Bollinger’s weekly emails. Group leaders provide a slip of paper to each student who attends. After Monday chapel ends around 11:15 AM, each student must turn in their participation slip to the Office of Spiritual Development to receive credit.

For more information, you can email Lynne Bollinger at lynne.bollinger@enc.edu.