I was born with severe visual impairment. Even though it makes some things difficult, I
love attending theatre productions. There is something about having music and
dialogue performed right in front of you. Every year, I look to see what shows I can
afford, and I get excited when I buy my tickets.

While at the theater, there are different things I pay attention to, things that are
important to me. Probably the most important is sound quality. I am listening to make
sure I can hear every word and sound. I also really listen to music, and especially the
orchestra. I enjoy hearing it all come together.

So, how did this apply to Titanic? I honestly did not know what to expect. Before most
shows, I usually read a summary of what happens, to help me understand things a little
better. I did not do this for Titanic, so I was not sure what to expect. I have also never
seen the movie, which I understand is very different.

I attended the afternoon performance on October 19. My family and I got seats about
five or six rows back from the stage and were able to see some of the action. Just
before the show started, Professor and Director Tara Brooke Watkins announced that they were raising money for a new sound system for the auditorium. Knowing the need for a new system made me
pay attention to see if I could see the need.

Overall, the acoustics in Cove Auditorium are not that bad. I could hear the music and
singing. However, I could see the need for a new sound system. It was difficult at times
to hear the dialogue, and it sounded like it was cutting in and out.

I loved the use of music in Titanic. There were a lot of songs which added to the show.
There were a lot of instructions to passengers, and a lot of them were sung. I found this
to be very creative.

From what I could see, the set was well designed. From where I was sitting, it looked
like the cast was high up on the stage.

The story also came across well. I almost felt as if I was on the ship. I was able to feel
the excitement of the passengers. Ismay seemed like a pain, always demanding more
speed. When they hit the iceberg, I was able to feel the panic of the passengers. I felt
sad when there were not enough lifeboats for everyone. It was such a tragic ending, but
it was done well. Titanic was an amazing play, and I am glad I was able to enjoy it.