The Creative Content Club was founded on the idea that students should have an opportunity to learn about film and video editing regardless of prior knowledge. ENC offers a Communication Arts major but unfortunately lacks any classes for those interested in learning about film and video editing. The idea to start this club was a collaborated effort between Richard Shearman and David Speidel. The Creative Content Club launched in mid-September.

The club hosted its first meeting in November with minimal attendance. At the moment, the focus is on outreach to students and bringing awareness to what the club has to offer. The Creative Content Club currently has access to a couple of DSLR’s as well as Premier Pro, an editing software that is considered a standard in the industry. According to club president Shearman, “you don’t have to be a pro, you don’t have to know necessarily a ton about filming and editing” to join the club. His duties as the president are teaching students tips about filming, creating content, producing projects, learning the basics of editing, and supplying students with the resources to further their learning on how the industry works.

The Creative Content Club has flexibility when it comes to accommodating a student’s current knowledge on how to film and edit. This club is an outlet for anyone who wants to have a great time learning and teaching each other in the process. Shearman wants students to know that there are not as many rules and guidelines to follow; you can “be as involved or uninvolved as you want.” Shearman is currently a senior and has high hopes for the club when vice president Speidel takes over. They have a lot of video ideas “in the works” between both of them as well as some group projects that they are planning. They are currently collaborating with chaplain Lynne Bollinger on a school video for an upcoming chapel. The video is about Robert Shrader’s legacy.

Shearman and Speidel are currently looking to get a hold of Shrader’s grandson, who is now a resident of Quincy. Students can look forward to the video being released on November 20. One of the hurdles the club is currently facing is the lack of equipment. They hope to invest in equipment that will allow students to improve the quality of the work they produce with the funding that SGA will provide. However, Shearman did emphasize that to get started, “you don’t need the best software, you don’t need the best camera out there. You can shoot stuff on your iPhone; most iPhones have great cameras.” Shearman’s message is this: Get past the mindset that to produce the best content, you must have the best equipment.

For anyone interested in joining, you can find Richard Shearman’s contact info located on the club board by the Mann stairs.