Last November, due to unforeseen office complications, two positions, Director of Recreational Life and Director of Spiritual Life, elected within the Student Government Association (SGA) were vacated in the final weeks of the Fall 2019 semester. SGA elected Keri Lewis and Jacquelin Arretche to fill the vacancies for the positions Director of Spiritual Life and Director of Recreational Life. They will be in office until the end of this spring semester.

Lewis, the current Director of Community Life for Eastern Nazarene College (ENC), will serve as the acting Director of Spiritual Life, and Arretche, Lewis’ Graduate Assistant in Community Life, will serve as the interim Director of Recreational Life. SGA Student Body President Noah Cheney, who had served as Director of Recreation Life last year, will be splitting his responsibilities between Student Body President and Director of Recreational Life to provide a helping hand to Arretche.

Despite graduating from ENC in 2018, Arretche is not far removed at all. She is widely respected on campus for her reputation as a leader, having played basketball for the women’s team. After accepting the position, Arretche stated, “we (Noah and herself) fit this position well due to the fact that Noah was the Director of Rec. Life last year, and part of my Graduate Assistant responsibilities include overseeing the Rec. Life position.” As for Keri Lewis, she, too, is widely respected as a professional in her offices on campus. Lewis currently serves as an Associate Minister at the North Street Community Church in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Keri Lewis – Director of Community Life / Photo: Julius Opaschowski

Before coming to this decision, the SGA Senate mulled the idea of holding an emergency election before the end of the Fall 2019 semester. However, the consensus was that another election would cause commotion on campus and within SGA. With finals about to begin as the election could have taken place, chemistry on the SGA team would have been an issue. As for the current work in the office, most of it is already done. The final large project of the term is the fondly remembered “​Breathe Retreat​.” Most, if not all, of the planning, has already been done. At this stage in the game, it is smooth sailing from here with our new student government members at the helm going forward.



This article was not edited by Olivia Fiore or Autumn Joyce Duncan.