ENC Women’s basketball team has been dominating this season. Their record currently stands as 15-2, with an 8-1 record in the New England Collegiate Conference. The team is currently tied for first place in the NECC.

Senior, Shante Slender was not surprised that they have been doing so well. She explained how even when the coaches aren’t present, the team stays super competitive with each other in the weight room and on the court. “I’m so proud of all of us. We worked really hard for this, it wasn’t something that was just given to us,” Slender said. Before each game, the team sets goals for the number of turnovers, assists, et cetera. which really helps them stay on the same page during games.

Last season ended in a two-point loss to New England College in the NECC Semifinals. Senior, Kyra Fleharty, believes that last season’s ending was a huge motivator for the returners and something to encourage the new players. Senior, Courtney Barba said, “I feel like the incoming players picked up on our vengeance for NEC and wanting to win so bad, they also felt like we had to win.”

During this season, the women’s team has been donating money to OneVoice, DOVE (DOmestic Violence Ended), and The Dianne Devanna Center for every three-pointer the Lions make. For every three-pointer made, they donate $3 to each organization. Barba added that the team is motivated to make a lot of three’s so they are able to donate to these charities. Coach Sacha Santimano says, “our goals are to be able to raise about $800 per organization, play for causes or things that are bigger than basketball, take our players through a journey of what being selfless looks like, and finally, to show our players you can do so many great things in this world by starting small.” You can visit the following link to donate: http://athletics.enc.edu/sports/wbkb/DONAT3

Along with the success of the team, senior Kyra Fleharty personally hit 1,000 points in their game versus Bay Path on Tuesday, January 21. She attributes her success to her hard work but also to her team’s positive attitude and constant support. Fleharty mentioned how everyone is always there for each other, and this year’s team has been more helpful than other years. Everyone gets along and the team doesn’t ever feel ‘forced’ to like each other as in the past. Santimano added, “their personalities really compliment each other, they want to win, and are willing to sacrifice personal achievements for team goals.”

With six games left, ENC has high hopes for the remainder of the Women’s Basketball season.