Voting Season.

Every four years, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and news channels become a hot spot for all things trash-talk. Republicans are too conservative; Democrats are too liberal. Trump is racist. Biden is too old. The negativity is nonstop, or at least feels like it is. I have never seen so many social media breaks in my life. The sad thing about all this, is that Christians take part in the slander, too. What kind of example is that?

In a time when negativity breeds separation, we should remember one thing–our foundation should not be built on the probability of our choice candidate or party winning. No, those are foundations of sand–reliance on humans takes you nowhere, as the Old Testament shows us repeatedly. Our foundation should be firm and solid rock, and that can only ever be found in Jesus Christ and the Word. This division we are experiencing is the result of not only our foundations being on loose sand, but also because of judgment after judgment coming from the candidates and being placed on those in the run-up for candidacy–both from each other and the citizens of the United States. Sad.

My church is spending some time in a series on Colossians and right now, we are in 2:16-23. “Therefore, let no one condemn you” (Col. 2:16). The Bible makes it very clear about how God feels about judgment. Not only are we told we cannot judge others, but others cannot judge us. Therefore, when we look at the candidates for this upcoming election–no matter who wins–remember our hope is in Christ alone. Remember that we are not allowed to make judgments and claim a fellow brother or sister is “not a Christian” because of who they vote for. God has no room for condemnation in His Kingdom, so we should remember that here in this election season as well.

No matter what Trump or Biden have done wrong, God still loves them. He has made them fearfully and wonderfully and Jesus died for them. We have no place to condemn them if we, too, have sinned but Jesus still loved us enough to die for us. So, live with love. Love those who vote differently than you, because in hindsight, four years really is not that long.

Written by: Emily-Rose Pappas