Stephen Francis Whall, also known as Steve, is well known at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) for his exceptional omelets. He arrives at 5:30 a.m. to prepare students’ breakfast every weekday. Steve is the ultimate morning person who can brighten anyone’s morning with not only some bomb eggs, but his thick Boston accent.

Stephen Francis grew up on the Squantum peninsula which is just across the water from Quincy. He has three children and two grandkids. He has been at ENC for seven years now. Stephen Francis shared with me his hopes of teaching geography to young students. However, he now loves teaching ENC students about life and sharing his knowledge. Steve said, “The best part of my day is working with you guys.”

For Steve, it’s more than just a paycheck and it’s more than just serving eggs in the morning. He states, “I enjoy helping you guys and caring about you guys.” Working at a Christian Institution has reinforced the meaning behind why he is here and the path he is on. When referring to his spiritual life and his positive impact on the students, he says, “I’ve been able to do that and what better place to be than here.”

I asked Steve for some advice about the real world. He responded, “Look people in the eye and shake their hand firmly.” He told me to always be polite and always be myself with everything I do in the future. He also said, “The only dumb question was the one that wasn’t asked.” He emphasized the importance of asking questions even if they sound stupid.

I’m from the West coast and ENC is home to many students who aren’t from New England as well. Steve enjoys guiding those on campus who aren’t from this area. He said, “Someday my kids might be in California; hopefully, someone might reach out to them and give them some guidance.”

Some days I wake up at five a.m. for basketball practice and when we’re finished, the first thing I look forward to is my extra cheesy omelet from Steve.