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Genetic Engineering: We Can, But Should We?

April 25, 2017 11:30 am

by Gretchen Bird, Cody Cook and Garrett Edinger If you had the ability and unlimited resources, would you prevent Down syndrome among the world’s population?  What about if your child had Down syndrome–would you then take the initiative to “turn off” the extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome?  Even further, […]

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The case for nationalized healthcare

November 22, 2015 10:52 pm

by Shaw Campbell, Caitlin Edwards, and Connor Hudson-Bryant The ability to own land, to have a say in government, and to be free are all rights that most Americans would say are vital to our existence as a nation. Freedoms like these are what make our country great. But, shouldn’t […]

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Syrian conflict requires American intervention

10:49 pm

by Adele Duval, J.D. Lyle, and Libby Nyquist In Feb. 2011, peaceful protests broke out in Syria against the current president, Bashar al-Assad, demanding movement toward becoming a more democratic state. In response, Assad’s forces retaliated and have continued to violently suppress the demonstrators. In defiance of the regime’s actions, […]

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With immigration reform, America prospers

10:41 pm

by Jacob Beiler, Melody Sagastume, and T.J. Vasquez Should undocumented immigrants within the United States be given a legal status to be able to remain in the country? This question has brought a great deal of controversy because it fuels mixed emotions, starting from the fear of supposed invasion to […]

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What are we actually learning from public education?

10:35 pm

by Jared Johnson, Meghan Stanley, and Caleb Vatral What started as a desire for knowledge among the common man has turned into a rigid system that forces information down the throats of students whose creativity is strangled by teachers who have no say in the curriculum they teach, or the […]

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Decriminalization, legalization, and the marijuana debate

10:28 pm

by Becky Hay, Noah Prickett, and Michael Williams Since the 1930s, when the possession and sale of marijuana was made illegal in the United States, there has been an endless debate between those who wish for marijuana to remain illegal, and those who wish for it to be fully legalized.  […]

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