The Veritas News is the student news publication of Eastern Nazarene College. Articles and opinions in the newspaper reflect the thoughts of individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of other students, staff members, faculty, the administration, or the college’s Nazarene affiliation.

Our mission: To explore the many truths of the Eastern Nazarene College community in a way that provides insight into who we are as a campus by utilizing student journalism.

2021-2022 Veritas News Staff


Managing Editor: Emily-Rose Pappas

Associate Editor: 

Associate Editor:

Head of Photography: Benson Nguyen


Managing Editor Nautilus: Olivia Fiore

Head of Design: Hope Irene Tavares de Almeida

Director of Veritas & Nautilus Organization: Molly Mear & Julius Valentin Opaschowski

Faculty Advisor: Marianna Krejci-Papa


Mann Student Center, First Floor
23 East Elm Ave.
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