In the aftermath of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the issue of gun control has come to the forefront of national debate.

This tragedy has left many people worrying about the safety of schools and wondering what procedures are in place to prevent more events like this. So, what about Eastern Nazarene College?

ENC is a private college, but the library is public and people can still walk on campus. All dorm buildings are secured by locks and the only way to get in is with a student ID. Additionally, ENC has many security guards on duty.

Though, some may worry that the security guards are not adequately protected. The security guards are not armed because they are not under contract to carry a weapon. Unlike the police, security guards would not be able to pull a weapon on a perpetrator if something were to happen.

ENC security guards are not hired by the Quincy Police Department; a company called US Security Association hires them.

Procedures are in place to protect the campus, however. When asked about what should happen if a gunman entered or other dangerous situation occurred on campus, security guard Peter Bentum replied, “The procedure would be calling the police and alerting our director, John Gelormini. We are the first contact between the school and the police. It depends on the response of the police, whether they would tell us to stay in the dorms or evacuate.”

Director Gelormini responded, “Security on campus has not changed, but there is a program called ‘Shots Fired on Campus.’ All of the higher management have seen it and if [the] board agrees, then there is a chance that RDs, RAs, and all students will have a chance to see it.”

The City of Quincy has a reputation for being a safe environment, but students and faculty should always be aware of potential threats. And, fortunately, ENC has the procedures in place to make sure that the campus is as safe as possible.