TWIRP week is now a thing of the past at ENC. Rather than having an entire week dedicated to Valentine’s Day events in which the woman is required to pay, the Student Government Association has dedicated two events to the special day.

The SGA is offering ice skating in Quincy on Valentine’s Day, and Katie Muirhead, president of JUMP Drama, is hosting a sweetheart’s dinner tonight, Feb. 12.

Last semester students had ample options during the week of Valentine’s Day. SGA funded and organized the week-long event in the past, which Mixi Lopez, director of student events, wanted to get away from this year.

“Some people felt it was a little too much, and that not everyone has a partner so attendance dropped by the end of the week,” said Lopez.

Notes published online from a Feb. 17, 2011 general SGA meeting reveal that the following question was brought up: “How can we make MOP and TWIRP week less creepy?”

Upperclassmen may remember the controversy surrounding the raffling off of students – particularly females. Posters were placed around campus alleging that the raffling of students was akin to human trafficking.

There were other events during TWIRP week that students didn’t love.

“The speed dating event was awkward for people,” said Lopez.

The sweetheart’s dinner offered by JUMP will have a different atmosphere than it did during TWIRP week.

“It’s actually been pretty great because we don’t just have couples going, but there are groups of friends signing up as well. We even have a couple of “bro-dates” that have signed up,” said Muirhead.

The dinner is from 5 to 7 p.m. tonight in Spange Parlor.

“It is open to students and faculty. There’s going to be music, a great Italian meal, and a photo booth,” said Muirhead.

She added, “I truly think it will be a lot of fun and we’ve had tons of people sign up already.”

The ice skating event, open to only ENC students, begins at 11 a.m. on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Vans will be available outside of the dugout to take students to Shea Rink in Quincy.