Class council elections for the 2013-14 academic year were held on April 3.

Unlike executive SGA elections, there are no primaries for class councils. Only one single vote is held for class councils, and the winners are determined based purely on highest number of votes for each position.

The Senior Class Council President next year is Kelsey Waddle, who is the President of this year’s Junior Class Council. Her counterparts are Vice President Zach Payne; Administrative Assistant Katie Smith; Social Life Samantha Losano; Rec. Life Josh Whitney; and Chaplain Jerome Graham.

President Waddle already has ideas for what she wants to do with her council next year.

“Honestly, I’m really looking forward to working with general SGA on improving advising as well as leading our class another year and planning a fun senior trip,” said Waddle.

The Junior Class Council is in charge of planning the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. The President next year will be Crystal Erb; her Vice President is Jacob Johnson. The rest of the council is Administrative Assistant Taylor Corbin; Social Life Sydney Michael; Rec. Life Savannah Sivert; and Chaplain Brady Smith.

This will be the first class council that Erb is a part of at ENC.

“I’m so excited to change what class council looks like and plan more big events that people will come out to,” said Erb.

She continued, “I also have a really good council to work with and they are also excited and passionate [about making] our junior year a blast.”

Finally, the Sophomore Class Council consists of President Jessie Keech; Vice President Mike Peter; Administrative Assistant Stephanie Schoonmaker; Social Life Krystal Holl; Rec. Life Tyler Spencer; and Chaplain Robin Dean.

Keech is also excited for next year.

“I am most excited about the fact that we made it through our first year and can really get working now,” said Keech.

She continued, “Freshman year is really just trying to get on your feet and figure out how it all works but with a really enthusiastic and active class, I think we will accomplish a lot sophomore year—giving us a real head start for the rest of our four years.”

Many of the new council members helped out at SGA’s Spring Fever Day on April 13.

The Freshman Class Council is elected shortly after the beginning of the new school year.