Unofficial student-led Twitter accounts representing colleges and universities across the United States have grown in popularity in recent months.

A “College Problems” Twitter account was created in April 2011, which spurred specific colleges to create accounts of their own.

Schools such as the University of Florida, Georgia, and Texas Tech University all have more than 8,000 followers on their “problems” Twitter accounts.

ENC is just as prone to such accounts, including ENC Problems, ENC Cuff Cam, ENC Wonka, Bad Luck Lions, and the emerging ENC Secret Admirers.

ENC Problems began in February of 2012. The first tweet read, “Being hungry an hour after breakfast, lunch or dinner #ENCProblems.”

Some students at ENC had already been tweeting using #ENCProblems, so one student, who wanted to remain anonymous, decided to create the account.

“I started the ENC Problems Twitter page after having a discussion with friends at a lunch table, talking about how funny it would be to tweet about certain things,” said the former student.

Many of the tweets on the account are related to specific topics.

“Most of them include the cafeteria and school rules,” said the person behind @ENCProblems. “The page was never meant to target any individuals; it was simply made so people could tweet problems they were experiencing.”

The creator of the account would tweet about problems they were experiencing from time to time, including, “Quiet hours start at 10 #ENCProblems” and “Going to the dugout and finding out they’re out of bacon #BadHit #ENCProblems.”

For the most part, though, the creator would re-tweet what fellow students were sharing on Twitter.

“So you’re saying I can’t download iOS6 because my WiFi connection is low? #oh @ENCProblems,” wrote sophomore Timmy Greene to the account.

Dolly Southern tweeted to the account, “This lab is due in an hour and the Internet isn’t working #procrastination #encproblems.”

Many of the tweets are not positive.

Nicki Raver once wrote, “Everything about ENC is a problem. @ENCProblems.”

The negativity has not been received well by everyone, including Director of the Center for Academic Success, Eric Clark, who tried to encourage students to begin tweeting using #ENCLove to focus on the good rather than the bad.

Clark started by tweeting a picture of a plaque that lists workers in the Admissions and Financial Aid offices. He wrote, “This team is one reason I have #enclove #admissions.”

While the account was very active in the past, there are now periods of more than 15 days before there is any activity from the account. This is because the person that originally created @ENCProblems is no longer controlling the account.

“I turned over the page to a fellow ENC student after I left ENC,” said the account’s creator.

The original creator admits that some of the problems depicted on the account led to an eventual decision to leave ENC.

“It definitely played into my decision to leave. My experience at ENC was my own, and I didn’t like a lot of the aspects. My high school was three times bigger than ENC is,” the account creator said.

The person continued, “Overall, the environment wasn’t one to my liking. There seems to be a lot of drama and gossiping issues there.”

The person currently running @ENCProblems declined to be interviewed.

If you have any information on who runs the other student-led Twitter accounts at ENC, contact an executive staff member of the Veritas News.