Grammy-nominated band Güngör, best known for their album and its title track “Beautiful Things,” is headlining a concert in the Lahue PE Center at 8 p.m. on Nov. 1.

The concert is part of Güngör’s “I Am Mountain” album release tour, which begins on Oct. 24. The album will be released Tuesday, Sept. 24.

“This concert is open to not only the ENC community, but the public as well,” said Student Government Association President Ryan Piesco.

Tickets sell for $18 online and at the door the night of the concert, but can be purchased for $15 through the ENC Store.

“We are excited for this concert to be a community event, not only bringing together various departments, but the local churches in the greater Boston area,” said Piesco.

Chaplain Corey MacPherson explained that concerts such as this one are rare.

“We often have bands call asking to have a concert on campus, but we usually have to say no because our school schedule is full and because our only venue that seats more than 700 is the gym, and it is often booked for athletic purposes,” said MacPherson.

Many students have expressed that they are excited for Güngör to come to ENC.

“I am so excited that Güngör is coming to campus. I have listened to them for a while and love their music,” said junior Sydney Michael. “I think it’s great that such a well-known artist is coming to ENC.”

MacPherson mentioned that it will take a team effort to make this concert successful.

“Security, Facilities, IT, Marketing, Institutional Advancement, SGA, SDO, Church Relations, Alumni Relations, and Admissions are all needed to pull this off,” he said. “We don’t do concerts like this often, but when we do, we do them very well because we work together.”

Güngör partners with World Vision, an organization that comes alongside families to help fight poverty and justice internationally. World Vision will have a table at the concert.

“We appreciate that Güngör is promoting World Vision. We see this as an opportunity for ENC students to connect with God’s global kingdom,” said Piesco.

“This is not only a chance for ENC students to come and listen to good music, but to connect with our neighbors and gain a greater perspective on God’s work around the world,” concluded Piesco.

Tickets are currently available in the ENC Store.