ENC’s annual homecoming street fair will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 19, at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

More than 25 clubs, ministries, and councils will be hosting tables at the event, which runs during the men’s and women’s soccer games. Some groups that will be there include each class council, the commuter council, Dance Ministry, ALANA, and Loving Hearts of God.

Sophomore Melissa Duxbury, vice president of Dance Ministry, will be manning her group’s booth for the duration of the fair.

Duxbury said she is selling puppy chow (the popular Chex snack) and shirts to raise money for Dance Ministry.

“We hope to inform people about our ministry and what we stand for,” Duxbury said. “We want our ministry to stand out and make a difference in the lives of our ENC community.”

Some students who are very involved in extracurricular activities at ENC will be helping at a few different tables. One such student is Sophomore Class President Christina Saint-Pierre, who is also the director of publicity for ALANA.

“I’ll be going back and forth between ALANA and [sophomore] class council,” Saint-Pierre said. “For ALANA, we aren’t selling anything. We are taking the chance to just interact with people and let them know more about who we are. For sophomore class council, we are selling key chains.”

Sophomore Elizabeth Aliotta, president of Loving Hearts of God, said her ministry is “selling brownies, and handing out prayer cards” during the street fair.

“[Our] goal is to raise money for the ministry and to have more people aware of us as a ministry,” Aliotta said.

All participants of this year’s street fair are excited for the opportunity to share their clubs and ministries with the community.