SGA hosted Kingdom Experience in the Metcalfe Gathering Room, in the basement of Wollaston Church on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

The night consisted of a scripture reading from James 1:22-25 by senior Weston Jordan and worship led by sophomore Canaan Hess and senior Abigail Moore, followed by small group discussions about the scripture reading.

Kingdom Experience is a student-led worship service that has been held once a month for the past two years.

“Each service is a little bit different, but the focus of these times is to meet different members of the community through small groups,” SGA Director of Student Ministries Danielle Wilson said.

At November’s Kingdom Experience, a smaller number of students and faculty showed up compared to previous Kingdom Experiences, but Wilson doesn’t think that was a bad development.

“Smaller groups provide for a higher level of trust and intimacy amongst the group members, and when we bend to God’s will, he moves in powerful ways,” Wilson said.

“Students became comfortable confiding in one another on a spiritual level,” small group leader Tina Bryant said.

The attendees were divided into smaller groups led by group leaders who asked a series of questions about the scripture reading for the group to dialogue about.

“The purpose behind the questions that each group leader asks is to provide a wide framework for the small group to engage the text and/or topic,” Wilson said.

Junior Jared Corbin attended the November Kingdom Experience service.

“It was a great opportunity to have some practical conversation about living Christian lifestyles,” Corbin said. “Personally, I think I got to see some cool ways God is active in others’ lives and at ENC in general.”

“I really liked the setting of the place. It felt relaxing and calm and you could focus on the words of the songs,” junior Lisabeth Almeida, who also attended the service, said.

“God has continued to show me that our dedication to him and his mission is proved and made holy in the small, seemingly insignificant ways, such as the ways God moved last night and has been moving across campus this semester and in the previous semesters,” Wilson said.

The next Kingdom Experience will be held on Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. in the Metcalfe Gathering Room.