File photoOlympic Roofing began removing the old slate tile roof in mid-January.

File photo
Olympic Roofing began removing the old slate tile roof in mid-September.

A roofing project that began in mid-September is not yet completed.

Olympic Roofing started removing the old slate tile roof from Memorial and Shields Halls the week of Sept. 16. Now, almost four months later, Facilities Director Mike Johnston says there is no expected completion date.

“The roofing company is trying to bring all of its resources together to get this project finished … there is no end date as of right now,” Johnston said.

The project, which Johnston said probably should have been started earlier, was approved in July, but was limited by the fiscal calendar­, which begins July 1 and ends June 30.

Johnston said a roof this size typically takes between four to six months to renovate depending on removal, delivery, installation, and weather, but removing the slate took longer than expected.

“The removal of the old slate tile roof seemed to take longer than expected; however, they were able to save numerous pallet loads that the school can possibly sell,” he said.

Students that live on the third floor have expressed frustrations with the roof renovation. The company typically begins working on the roof around 8 a.m., Monday through Saturday.

Freshman Nick Prax, who lives on Third Shields, said he has been woken up multiple times by the noise of the roof work.

“In all, it is inconvenient and taking way too long,” Prax said. “Especially when someone is trying to take a nap because they had a 7:45 a.m. class.”

Sophomore Drew Sansing, the resident assistant on Third Shields, has also been affected by the roof work.

“When they were working on my side, the morning was the worst, it was like an alarm,” Sansing said. “Then, when I was doing homework and trying to study, I ended up going to the library because it was just so loud, even with the window closed.”

Sansing also experienced leaking in his room due to rain that came with the incomplete roof.

“When it rained, water came through my smoke detector,” he added. “I think everyone is in the same boat when it comes to completion—we want it done.”

Although there is no expected completion date, Johnston is awaiting the finished product.

“I am looking forward to this project getting finished and years of no leaks,” Johnston added.

Resident Director Jay Govoni said he had no additional information and declined to comment.