ENC’s first official dance is about two weeks away.

SGA announced Monday that it will host the first official school dance within the month, less than two months after the President’s Cabinet approved a dancing policy included in a new Philosophy on Student Entertainment.

The Masquerade Winter Ball, touted as “the first dance in school history” on flyers, will take place in Canterbury Hall from 8-10 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31.

The new philosophy clarified a previously ambiguous stance on dancing at ENC.

“The clarification was that we have an unspoken no dancing policy … so we felt we needed to clarify how we, as an institution, were going to proceed,” Vice President for Student Development Jeff Kirksey said.

SGA announced the dance on Monday afternoon by creating a Facebook event for the dance.

President Ryan Piesco said SGA has high hopes for the first dance.

“We are really excited about hosting the first official dance at ENC,” Piesco said. “One of our goals for this year was to provide more weekend activities, so this will definitely be one of those weekends that we hope people will stick around for.”

The first dance will be Masquerade-themed.

“We threw around a number of ideas as to potential themes and we felt that Masquerade was a good one that would let people dress up nice and have some fun,” Piesco said.

The event, deejayed by DJ HarlemKidd Fresh—student Daetwan Edwards—is semi-formal. Food and drinks will be served.