Student volunteers are taking over and resuming the roofing construction on Memorial and Shields dormitories beginning April 7.

Frustrated with the lack of progress on the roof, a group of third floor students recently got together and wrote a formal proposal to take over the remainder of the roof construction.

The construction on the roof began mid-September and there was no timetable for completion at the beginning of January; however, the process has lasted too long for many students living on the third floor.

“There has been a lot of leaks and water damage in my room because of the prolonging of the roof construction,” senior Josh Henry said, “I just got fed up and decided it didn’t look too hard, so a couple of guys and me decided to take action.”

Henry and freshman Dan Compitiello brought the written proposal to the Board of Trustees over the weekend, and surprisingly, it was approved.

Compitiello said he was surprised that the Trustees even agreed to speak with them about the proposal. In the meeting, a trustee said that student involvement would be beneficial not only for the progression of the job, but also for students who have become restless and need to be out working.

“When it all comes down to it, I miss playing Wiffle ball,” Compitiello explained. “We can’t [play] with those cranes on our field.”

Currently, Henry, Compitiello, sophomore Cameron Smith, sophomore Tim Sluss, and senior Brent Neely have been confirmed as students who will work to complete the construction on the Memorial-Shields roof.

The students declined to give a completion date, but they are hopeful that they will help bring a quick end to the construction.