Photo by Canaan Hess.

On Sept. 21, ENC hosted the UNOW Youth Conference and Concert with an attendance totaling 850 people from youth groups around New England.

United Night of Worship (UNOW), founded by Zenzo Matoga, is an organization committed to uniting cultures and denominations around the world in worship.

The concert was held on ENC’s campus on the front lawn, in the RCA, and Wollaston Church,  and the event consisted of many activities throughout the day. Youth groups were led on a scavenger hunts, had a series of workshops throughout the afternoon, and were provided with lunch and dinner. Various tables were set up around front lawn, including tables for UNOW, ENC, and Fusion mission trips.

Junior Canaan Hess helped out with the event throughout the day and with the worship service at night.

“The day went pretty well. There [weren’t] a lot of people in the morning time, but by the evening, the chapel was full,” Hess remarked.

So full, in fact, that Wollaston Church reached its capacity of 700. The overflow was directed to the RCA where the concert was live streamed. During the day, 550 people were registered for the event and 850 for concert.

“The youth that worshiped that night [were] so alive and energetic,” Hess said, “There were moments of surrender, compassion, and love bursting through the walls. By the end, it was a huge party with God.”

Chaplain Corey MacPherson believes that UNOW’s mission “fits well with us here at ENC.”

“Again,” he said, “I love Zenzo’s and UNOW’s passion ‘to unite people across cultural, denominational, and social lines.’”