A new committee dedicated to bolstering campus weekend life will be launched next semester.

The appropriately titled Weekend Life Committee, led by Freshman Class Council President Chris Estep, will endeavor to vitalize campus life, specifically from Friday through Sunday.  The group plans to accomplish this revitalization through the creation and promotion of new events, as well as by helping facilitate events already established by clubs or individuals.

The creation of this committee is a direct response by Executive SGA to students’ multiple complaints about a lack of things to do on the weekend.

The committee will report to Executive SGA President Crystal Erb, but will work with other members of SGA, such as Director of Publicity Savannah Sivert and Administrative Assistant Maddi McDonough, who helps manage clubs and ministries.

Estep commented that at this early point, the committee’s goals are very broad,

“First, we need to develop a widespread outreach program that educates students about events already taking place. Second, we should work extensively with student-run organizations and clubs on campus to help them develop weekend events that are already on the calendar. Third, we can work to plan events for those weekends during which there are not too many activities on campus,” Estep said.

Estep plans that next semester will be a trial run for the committee, and since it will be a component of the current SGA administration, it will not necessarily be permanent.  However, he hopes that success with the group will inspire future SGAs to continue keeping the committee in their cabinet.

The purpose of the group is not to replace events that clubs and individuals have already worked to create, Estep assured.  Rather than setting out to undermine these gatherings, the committee will assist with the weekend events’ promotion, set up, and any other necessities.

Many students who have heard about this new committee are optimistic about it.

“I think that’s a good idea. A lot of people go home on the weekends because they’re bored on campus. If [the committee] is able to establish events on the weekends… then there will be more students staying on the weekends and campus won’t be dead,” junior Marvin Cayo said.

The committee is currently made up of eight students from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes.  All the members were personally invited by leader Estep, although he stated he would be open to accepting interested students, provided they are fully committed. Contact Chris Estep for more information about participating.