A new app for ENC students will soon be available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store for all smart phones and Android devices. The app will provide students with all ENC event dates in chronological order, as well as an opportunity to add events to their phone’s calendar. All information about ENC’s events will be at your fingertips with just a click of a button.

ENC app

ENC’s SGA posted a picture on Instagram at the end of last semester about the new app.

Director of Publicity Savannah Sivert kickstarted the idea of an ENC app, receiving assistance from Director of Community Life Keri Lewis and Vice President of SDO Jeff Kirksey. The app was created with Rueben Pressman of Check, I’m Here, who has worked with 14 other schools to implement and oversee the app. SGA received positive reviews from other schools, such as St. Leo University, who has already begun using their personalized app. ENC’s SGA has agreed to a three year contract with the Check, I’m Here app, which costs $1100 per semester.

There were some struggles in finding the right company to create the app.

“App companies wanted to make the app more than we wanted it to be,” Sivert said.

From the start, SGA staff knew they did not want to create another social media, but a place where students could become informed about events on campus.

With this app, students will “check in” to campus events by having their student ID card scanned by one of the event organizers. In addition to being a calendar with all event information for students, the app also includes assessment options for SGA and attendance statistics. Backend access to the app is available to SGA and club leaders. Leaders can evaluate their event’s attendance, examining students who attended by year, major, gender, and other basic categories. This gives club leaders the opportunity to understand what kinds of students their events tend to attract, and how they can attract different groups of students.

Although the release date of the app is still uncertain because the Apple store is still approving it, SGA staff is hoping for the app to be available to the public in February. For those who may not own a smart phone or an Android device, an online portal is under production, where the same information can be accessed via computer.

Sivert has hope for student interest.

“I’m really hoping and praying that this app will be a huge success and bridge the gap that exists within publicity here on campus,” Sivert explained.