On Monday nights around 7 p.m., anyone entering Munro Parlor  will find a group of dedicated students stretched out practicing the art of yoga. These students are part of Yoga Flow, a new on-campus yoga class.

Yoga Flow is a weekly class held for people of all experience levels who wish to learn more about yoga, or practice the skills they already have. Classes are open to anyone who wishes to improve their overall fitness level, strength, flexibility, endurance, or balance.

Classes are taught by Nease Library’s iDesk manager Jonathan Bohall, a self-proclaimed fitness junkie. Bohall first became interested in yoga primarily to improve his form and prevent running injuries. Since starting yoga, Bohall has not received any kind of sports related injury.

“As I did more yoga, I began to see it as an ongoing journey to improve my overall health and fitness level as well as being able to do some really cool poses. Nothing else in fitness, that I have found, really offers that,” Bohall said.

The idea to hold on campus classes came after Bohall spoke with senior and president of Yoga Flow, Emma Thies. Thies spoke to Bohall about how she liked doing yoga primarily in a group setting, and while there were classes at the Quincy YMCA, these classes were not necessarily at a convenient time, which led to the creation of the club.

Bohall is working towards receiving his yoga certification this summer, and sincerely hopes that he will be able to share his love for yoga with ENC, as well as giving each person who enters the mat a purpose for their fitness.

Yoga Flow is open to all members, and even open to suggestions for the types of classes an individual may need in their fitness journey, such as holding a core class or a hip opener class.