The SGA final election results were announced last night at an annual ice cream social event.

The elected 2015-16 SGA is: President Christina Saint­-Pierre, Vice President/Director of Finance Tyler Spencer, Administrative Assistant Emily Ludwig, Director of Student Events Noelle Rudeen, Director of Publicity Frankie Bruny, Director of Rec Life Krystal Holl, and Director of Spiritual Life Greg Whitney.

SGA 1.2

(L-R) Greg Whitney, Frankie Bruny, Krystal Holl, Christina Saint-Pierre, Emily Ludwig, Noelle Rudeen, Tyler Spencer. Photo credit: Jonni Albetta.

Christina Saint­-Pierre was at a loss for words to describe the joy she felt in winning presidency. The first thing that came to her mind was a bible verse about faith.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen,” Saint-Pierre said, quoting Hebrews 11:1.

The winners seem ready to start working and training alongside current SGA members.

“I just want to figure out how to do this job, and do it well,” Ludwig said.

Some candidates felt in awe that they had been elected.

“It is an honor when the student body trusts you with a certain position,” Bruny commented.

Rudeen showed commitment to delivering what she promised as future Director of Student Events.

“I am currently helping [the current Director of Student Events] Tyler plan Mr. ENC next Monday, March 2nd, and even more excited to plan our next Lip Sync. Stay tuned for more exciting events soon,” Rudeen said.

Holl plans to join current Director of Rec Life Tyler Spencer to work together to meet the new job description requirements of the position. As she mentioned in her speech earlier, Holl hopes to build a bridge between arts and sports.

The newly elected SGA will begin training this semester in preparation of taking office in the fall.