ENC’s junior class council is on the hunt for a new venue to host the annual junior-senior dance this spring, hoping to offer a fresh experience for upperclassmen.

Lombardo’s, located in Randolph, has hosted the event for two years in a row and is also the traditional location of ENC’s annual alumni banquet. The class council decided against having their event at Lombardo’s this time around, not due to quality, but to avoid redundancy.

“As much as people liked it…we just wanted to change it up a bit,” said Junior Class President Dan Compitiello. “We felt like it had been overused.”

The council began the planning and searching process during the first week of the fall semester. Since then, members of the council have researched and contacted numerous locations, narrowing down the list to their most preferred options.

The council has currently honed in on a prospective new venue and is very optimistic about its potential; they visited the location on Oct. 29 to observe the space and negotiate pricing.

“This is the one we’re hoping for. Its location is really beautiful, [and] the price would be well within our budget,” Compitiello explained. The name of the location will be announced after the decision is finalized.

Compitiello believes the reaction to a change in venue will be generally positive. Last year’s event saw about 188 total attendees, and this year’s junior council aims to attract up to 200 guests.

The junior class council will charge admission to the event for attending juniors this year, but the price is yet to be determined. The council will not charge seniors in an effort to encourage them to attend the event.

Compitiello stressed the need for volunteers as this major project unfolds, and the council may create a committee for planning, decorating, and other creative input, welcoming students of all classes to participate.

“Start to get excited. We’re going to push hard for this; it’ll be a big event,” said Compitiello.