The Spiritual Development Office has yet to receive a new campus Chaplain and Vice President for Spiritual Development, having narrowed the search down to only three candidates.

President of the College Dr. Corlis McGee and Student Development Vice President Jeff Kirksey are at the helm of the decision process, joined by the Spiritual Development Office and an anonymous committee, on which some ENC students serve as a representation of the student body.

All three candidates are affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene, and each has spoken in chapel this semester. According to an anonymous member of the student committee, students reacted most positively to the third candidate who appeared in chapel. Student committee members remain anonymous for their own protection against bias.

However, there are many more factors involved in reaching a conclusion. One particular qualification is causing members of the search committee to deliberate extensively with regard to the existing field of candidates. Former Chaplain Corey MacPherson was head of the Spiritual Development Office as well as Vice President of Church Relations under Director Steve Dillman, and the new chaplain will be expected to assume both positions.

“As of right now, their main concern is all three candidates’ abilities to fulfill the VP role,” the student source explained.

It appears that until the committee can decide which of the three applicants, if any, are best suited to fulfill this aspect of the position, ENC will remain without a head chaplain.

Despite the lengthiness of decision making, Spiritual Development Office Assistant Chaplain Jennie Williams is confident that the process is being handled in a careful manner that benefits the diverse campus as a whole.

“I’ve enjoyed how broad the search has been,” Williams shared. “They’ve been involving numerous different aspects of the community around campus, and that’s good to see.”

In the meantime, Assistant Chaplains Rev. JD Brenke and Williams will continue to fulfill these responsibilities for the student body this year.