The relationship between the U.S. and France continues to strengthen its tight-knit bond after terrorists attacks occurred in Paris, killing over 100 civilians.

After the terrorist attacks ceased, the lights of the Eiffel tower were dimmed in mourning, while countries all over the world showed their support for Paris by shining France’s national colors brightly.

America’s support for Paris comes from a sense of allegiance; Paris showed the U.S. similar support after the terrorist attacks in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. Days after 9/11, Paris displayed the American flag proudly in front of the Eiffel Tower, as well as stating that the French will never forget 9/11.

Public buildings in cities all over the U.S. have flashed France’s national colors in support. Here in Boston, the Zakim Bridge was lit up with blue, white, and red. New York’s Empire State building was also lit up with the same colors.

Social media flooded with these images and kind words have been exchanged between the citizens of Paris and other parts of the world since the attacks.

Around midnight after the Paris attacks, community members held a vigil outside of the White House near the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette, who was a French general. In Washington, citizens were seen leaving bouquets of flowers, signs, and bottles of wine outside the French Embassy.

The way the U.S. and other nations have shown support in a time of tragedy is promising. France is one of America’s biggest allies, dating back to World War II so it continues to be our priority to help aid the healing process, and profess support and love for the people of France.