The Center for Academic Success implemented WCOnline, an online tutoring appointment system, this semester after over a year of research.

The idea for the new system arose when CAS staff members began to notice various “peaks” and “off-seasons” regarding the use of tutoring services throughout different semesters.

Fluctuations meant that tutors had to help multiple people at the same time, instead of assisting on an individual basis. Other times, this meant that tutors received relatively little traffic.

Additionally, the varied availability of tutors in different subjects represented another challenge to the quality of service that the students could receive. In some cases, the subject for which a student needed assistance was not always the subject being offered at their visit.

The solution to these challenges seemed to be the implementation of an online appointment-based system. Now students can find help for the subjects they need at a guaranteed time that works best for them and for the tutoring staff.

However, having a new appointment-based approach necessitated the elimination of the “drop-in” services previously offered by the CAS tutoring staff.

“While it slightly removes that convenience factor of being able to just drop in, [WCOnline] actually improves our quality of service and it also gives students who need the help more time with the tutor,” David Restrick, Student Success Manager at the CAS, explains.

A benefit of the new system is students will have the opportunity to schedule appointments up to a week in advance. Also, when making an appointment, users are asked to specify the area in which they would like to focus, which helps the tutor better prepare for the session.

Additionally, students can choose to receive tutoring on a one-on-one basis or in a group, depending on their needs.

“CAS is really excited about launching WCOnline! We are constantly looking for ways to better support and serve the ENC community–both students and faculty,” Associate Director for CAS Trina Bryant stated.

With instructions on the CAS website, students and faculty can register for a WCOnline account before making an appointment. The new system is compatible with smart phones and allows students to receive texts and email reminders about their appointments.

Students may go to to get started using WCOnline.