Students gathered in the cafeteria over an ice cream social on Feb. 26 to usher in the new Student Government Association for the 2016-17 academic year. Current Student Body President Christina Saint-Pierre began speaking, and tension filled the air as the voices and laughter of the crowd quieted down.

The newly elected SGA is as follows: Student Body President Noelle Rudeen, Vice President/Director of Finance Christopher Estep, Administrative Assistant Alec Daniel, Director of Student Events Rebekah Stahl, Director of Recreational Life Kayla Dean, Director of Spiritual Life Emily Ludwig, Director of Publicity Jameson MacFarland.

After all the announcements were made and the clapping ceased, winners mingled with the student body, congratulating one another and consoling the runners-up.

Noelle Rudeen said that she felt both “excited and nervous but wants to do so much.” She will be attending a leadership conference with Saint-Pierre in order to observe and learn the ropes.

Emily Ludwig is excited to be in a new role, but nervous with the responsibility that comes with being Director of Spiritual Life for the campus. However, she says she feels “prepared enough” for this office, and with her previous service as Administrative Assistant she has certainly garnered the confidence of the student body.

Alec Daniel is “honored by the opportunity to serve as the Executive Assistant for the 2016-17 school year.” In addition to offering thanks for all those who supported, prayed, and voted for him, Daniel plans to survey the ENC students to find their favorite candy, which he intends to provide on his desk next year.

Christopher Estep said “Jo Joseph and I set out to run a campaign that would bring our campus together.” As things move forward, Estep plans on working closely with the current SGA, specifically with current VP/Director of Finance Tyler Spencer, and the students “to begin laying some foundation for next year.”

Jameson MacFarland is “feeling excited and humbled by [being elected].” He hopes to collaborate with his other team members, and learn from current Director of Publicity, Frankie Bruny.

The newly elected SGA commented that the general consensus is that they are excited and ready to start learning the ropes, with the ultimate goal of making ENC a better place for current and future students.