The week of Spring Fever hosts a variety of highly anticipated events, and according to students, the events that took place this year exceeded last year’s events.

Monday consisted of a paint war on Shields Field. Imagine white clothing, paint, and the freedom to throw that paint at anyone you want, and you have a paint war.

“The event was really cool,” says sophomore Caleb Lynch. “It was something that wasn’t exactly on my schedule, but I saw it [advertised] in the hallway and decided to go.” According to Lynch, around 50 students attended the event, excited to cover themselves in paint.

Tuesday was the Mr. ENC competition, which was held in the RCA. Both guys and girls competed for the crown and title through a talent show, modeling, and a Q&A session. The winner of the evening was senior Michelee Chery. Wednesday was a time of worship and prayer with Kingdom Experience on Wolly Lawn that was followed by a bonfire and s’mores.

Though Saturday “is the pinnacle of the week,” as Director of Student Events Noelle Rudeen puts it, Thursday’s event was the ever-popular Lip Sync battle, hosted by next year’s SGA team. Groups came together to deliver comical performances played to popular songs, such as “His Cheeseburger” from VeggieTales, performed by J.U.M.P. Drama Ministry. The winner of the event were Seniors Christina St. Pierre and Doug Desautell’s heartwarming performance of “Work” and “Love is an Open Door.”

Friday was full of day-long activities in celebration of Earth Day. Students were able to plant trees and vegetables or construct bat boxes. For those who were curious about what ENC does to promote a sustainable and green campus, flyers were handed out and information about the school’s initiatives was made available. Even if students were unable to participate in any of the Earth Day events, they were informed on what else they can do to help create a more sustainable campus.

Saturday, or “Spring Fever Day,” is the last day of the week-long event, as well as the peak of Spring Fever. Saturday’s events took place from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Shields Field and in the adjacent parking lot. SGA provided food and games during this event. Some of the games included bubble soccer and an obstacle course. A photo booth was also present throughout the event for students to immortalize the day.

Lynch comments that Spring Fever is a great way “to break up the mundane life of being a student,” and he thought SGA put on a much better round of events compared to last spring fever.