The Eastern Nazarene College 2017-18 SGA council was announced after a vote on Friday, February 17, at an ice cream party hosted by SGA to celebrate those who had been elected.

The new SGA president will be Junior Kyera Bryant. Director of Recreational Life will be taken over by sophomore Daniel Blue, and Director of Spiritual life will be Junior McKenna Kern. The four people who ran unopposed were also congratulated on their new roles. Those positions were taken by junior Kirsten North for Vice President, sophomore Libby Nyquist for Administrative assistant, sophomore Aaron Hebert for Director of Student Events, and sophomore Niki Ghosh for Director of Publicity.

The chapel speeches were the final opportunity for all those running to sway the student body in their favor before the voting took place throughout the rest of the day on Friday. Each candidate had three minutes to convince their fellow students who they should vote for.

Director of Student Events Elect Aaron Hebert has expressed his excitement in working with this new council, saying, “I am thrilled to be working with the newly elected executive council, working with them and bringing a lot of new views to the SGA. Everyone who got elected has awesome ideas and I can’t wait to see what is to happen when we work together to bring those ideas to life.”

Runner up for Spiritual Life, Sophomore Becky Hay also expressed her excitement for the upcoming council. Although she will not be a part of it, Becky says she is “excited to see what everyone who was elected brings to the table. I pray that God can work through them to do the great things I know they can for this campus.”

The new SGA members will be heading to San Diego for training April 5-8, with the help of current student body President Noelle Rudeen and Assistant Dean for Community Life Keri Lewis to build the teamwork and skills necessary for working together seamlessly during the upcoming year.