The Student Government Association announced the winning Class Council candidates on Tuesday, April 11 in the Mann Student Center Cafeteria. Students voted over the course of that day and the votes were counted by 6pm.

The following candidates consist of:

Sophomore Class Council:

The Sophomore Class Council consists of Justin Reed (President), Michaela Connors (Vice President), Rebecca Martell (Administrative Assistant), Rachel Sullivan (Social Life Representative), Hailee Owens (Rec. Life), and TJ Vonderchek (Class Chaplain).

TJ Vonderchek was enthusiastic to hear that people re-elected him as Class Chaplain and is looking forward to next semester. “It’s going to sound super corny, but it’s really encouraging that people believed in me last year and that they voted for me to do more things next year,” said Vonderchek.

Rebecca Martell will also be returning in her role as Administrative Assistant. Rebecca is looking forward to a lot of things in the next coming year. One hope she has is for the council and her own class to be able to “listen to changes the students want made and get a feel for what the school to look like and make it happen!” said Martell.

Junior Class Council:

The Junior Class Council is made up of Connor Hudson-Bryant (President), Kelee Prince (Vice President), Olivia Dagley (Administrative Assistant), Abbie Dunham (Social Life Representative), Jesse Ruiz (Rec Life), and Lisa McCarthy (Class Chaplain).

Senior Class Council:

The Senior Class Council consists of Madi Machorro-Robinson (President), Amelia Ferreras Camillo (Vice President), Chris Estep (Administrative Assistant), Morgan Reed (Social Life Representative), Kayla Dean (Rec. Life), and Matt Tyree (Class Chaplain).

The winning candidates will assume their respective Class Council roles in the fall 2017 semester.