For the month of March, ENC offered a free complimentary iPad to any student that enrolled in their graduate or adult studies program pursuing a business degree. This unique promotion sought to cater to the demographic of adult students that would need an iPad to ease their daily schedule of school, work, and family.

Brandy Fernandes, the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Adult Studies program, instituted the promotion based on leftover iPads available to the Adult Studies department from a previous promotion.

“It works as an incentive to enrolling students, we (Adult Graduate Studies program) wanted to put them to use and giving them to the enrolling students seemed like a good way to increase enrollment,” said Fernandes about what would motivate people to enroll. “Offering a free iPad makes people’s eyes light up to the AGS program and gives us a chance to promote the various aspects of our program.”

Fernandes has seen more inquiries about the Adult Studies program, and during the first 20 days of March, there were 19 applications, compared to the 17 applications for the entire month of February. Of the 19 applicants, five of them meet the requirements to receive an iPad. To qualify for the free iPad, applicants must have enrolled within the month of March and have paid for their first course.

Of the many that inquired or applied, there were students that attempted to pull a fast one on AGS and try to enroll simply for the iPad to no success. The goal of this program according to Fernandes was to give students a resource not many schools offer, especially in their AGS program. Currently, only Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts, offers an iPad upon enrollment according to the Regis College website.

Fernandes was targeting the month of March specifically for this promotion since courses begin for Adult and Graduate Studies on April 4. The type of iPad varies, but they all give student’s access to any E-books and online resources that go with their courses. The iPad giveaway was as a way to accommodate adults looking to enroll.

“It’s much easier for me to read for class on my iPad while making lunch for my kids then having the book out,” said Fernandes about the experience of most AGS students. “Also, waiting for shipping can be a hassle especially since your time is limited when you have bigger worries than your education,” said Fernandes about the convenience of an iPad. Fernandes has her own iPad which she constantly uses at work.

To follow up this promotion, the Adult Studies is advertising a Master’s in Education for enrollment for the month of April with courses starting in May.