As the semester is drawing to a close, ENC’s Summer Ministry Teams are getting ready to hit the road to impact the lives of teens throughout the northeast. The Office of Spiritual Development hand-selected the team members for the 2017 Summer Ministries program over Christmas break. While picking teams is normal for a Summer Ministries program, the Spiritual Development Office is switching up the rules so that each team is designated a team leader. While the teams have been chosen, their team names and team Bible verse have yet to be decided.

The first team consists of McKenna Kern, Emily Ludwig, Justin Reed, Madi Robinson, Bubba Snodderly, and Max Stewart. Their team leader is Emily Ludwig, current Director of Spiritual Life for ENC’s Student Government Association.

The second team contains Jael Bourque, Moesha Daniel, Richie Gardenhire, Eileen Hernandez, Matthew Tyree, and Kadie Stade. The leader of this team is Matthew Tyree, a junior and ENC Men’s Volleyball player.

The third team involves Brendan Bollinger, Kyera Bryant, Raijene Murchison, Chris Sibilia, Jasmine Vigo, and Greg Whitney. Their team leader is Greg Whitney, a senior who has gone through Summer Ministries twice already and is involved in Men’s Cross Country.

The teams will spend most of their summer traveling to states ranging from Maine to Virginia over the course of seven to eight weeks. Each team will travel to camps, churches, and events to lead worship, conduct group games, and represent Eastern Nazarene College.

Teams will undergo training and practice music to prepare for their summer trips. In addition to learning about how they can impact the lives of teens this summer, they will also learn how they can impact each other’s lives.