by Amber Amortegui

Jeffrey Kirksey, the Vice President for Student Development and Retention, recently sent out an email to the student body explaining future fluctuations of tuition rates as a result of the growing relationship between Trevecca and ENC.

In his campus-wide email, Kirksey stated that there was a $7,900 difference between the two schools, and mentioned that current ENC students wouldn’t be affected by these changes. Incoming students’ tuitions would be less than that of current students; however, they wouldn’t be offered as much financial aid. This allows for the two different tuition rates to even out as closely as possible.

When asked how this decision came to be, Kirksey said, “We hope that one day students will be able to easily take classes in Boston and Nashville. We also realize that having a lower sticker price for prospective students may give us opportunities with prospective students that we would not have had in years prior. Though the actual costs for new and returning students will be comparable, we hope more prospective students will consider ENC because of the lower posted tuition.”

Kirksey also mentioned in his email, “This alignment towards tuition cost begins the process towards students taking classes at both institutions without tuition disparity or concerns.” In response to a question regarding the tuition changes incoming students who will not be taking classes at Trevecca, Kirksey stated that “The tuition for incoming students will not be based on whether a student studies at Trevecca,” indictating that the $7,900 tuition change will be made across the board for all incoming students.

As far as current students who are interested in taking courses at Trevecca in the upcoming years, Kirksey explained how the tuition rates would be calculate: “Currently, when a student takes a course at Trevecca, we navigate the price difference through administrative processes. We will continue to do this for current students so that they can pursue their studies under the financial aid and scholarship practices they are familiar with.”

The process of merging ENC with our sister school, Trevecca Nazarene University, is just one of the major changes that ENC is currently undergoing. Looking ahead, Kirksey provided some insight on another exciting marketing message and strategy for ENC that will soon be put into motion.  He explained that “the admissions and marketing departments will be rolling out the message of, ‘A Christian College on Boston’s South Shore,’ to prospective students with a new marketing approach that will include digital ads, email, social media and printed pieces.”