Fresh Check Day was a mental health check-in with students held in the Mann Student Center at Eastern Nazarene College on Wednesday, October 3rd. There were six interactive booths hosted by the Office of Community Life, Office of Residential Life, Brickley Center, Social Work Department, Psi Chi, and Student Advisory Committee.

The purpose of this event was to provide awareness about mental health and resources for students who are struggling with their mental health. The six booths contained information and games to participate in. Sophomore Shaylee Todani assisted in handing out cards for students to get stamps from the booths. Afterwards, students were able to use the stamps to get free pastries and hot apple cider or pumpkin coffee. There appeared to be a good turnout at the event. The room was packed. Todani personally enjoyed how social everyone was and how involved students were with the school event. She said, “It was pretty fun, actually. I liked seeing smiles on everyone’s faces.”

Residential Life’s booth was called “Nine out of Ten.” Nine out of Ten is a program of the Jordan Porco Foundation which promotes suicide awareness. At this booth, students were told that 1 out of 10 college students will contemplate suicide. They were also given information about warning signs because, according to information provided by Nine out of Ten, two out of three students who do contemplate suicide tell a friend first. This booth wanted students to pledge to be the 9 out of 10 who would help and care for those suffering from suicidal thoughts. Senior Emma Farrow worked at this booth. It was her job to ask students if they knew warning signs of suicide. She felt that half of the students were already aware of the signs, while it was new information to the other half. Farrow said, “It was a good experience and good for the students to be aware and take care of their mental health.”

Junior Shannon Chau was one of the many who participated in this event. She was already aware of mental health, but by participating she learned where she could go if she or a friend needed help. Chau liked how each booth was unique and creative. Her favorite part was winning a t-shirt at the “9 out of 10” booth by answering questions and playing a quick game. She said that afterwards she would definitely go again if there was another similar event. 

Fresh Check Day was a successful initiative to raise mental health awareness in the student body.