With the Wollaston MBTA station opening before the school year began,
many students who use the T as their primary mode of transportation rejoiced. With
the shuttle being late, small, and not accessible in the evenings, many have wondered if the
system is running efficiently. Last year the shuttle didn’t run at all, and this is a significant
improvement for the many commuters who attend Eastern Nazarene College. The person
leading these improvements is Commuter President Ronnie Temple.

Temple explained that the termination of the shuttle was due to it being an expense for the
college, and many students were not using it. When asked about the schedule, he noted that it
was short, but because of its popularity, the school was looking to expand it.

“Hopefully, this year, we get to increase that again,” he said, “based on the number of
students who have been using it.” He was excited to hear that the shuttles were “packed” and
plans to use that “to get other students involved.” According to Temple, this is great news for
commuters, and the school has taken notice of it.

Temple intends to take those improvements one step further. He, along with the Computer
Science majors, have been developing an app for the past couple of months that will be able to
show students the shuttle schedule and when it will arrive.

“Our goal is just to make it easier for commuters to be able to locate the bus,” he clarified. He
also took note of the complaints from last year’s system and wants to make sure those are
addressed as well. “Right now, I’m still waiting on Jeff [Kirksey] to get back to me on how we’re
going to do it,” Temple said when explaining where they were in the process. He also wants to
give the students developing the app a scholarship for their work and dedication.

Students should expect the app in about a month. Temple shed some light on the long process
it has been thus far. “Right now, we are going at a slow and steady pace,
and I’m very excited about that. Because we are not stagnant. We are not at a standstill
anymore. We’re moving forward now,” he concluded. Temple is very excited about these
advancements that will benefit the commuter students at ENC.