Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) welcomed Floyd Bartrom as the new head of security at the start of the 2020 spring semester. Bartrom previously worked for ENC starting in 2014 and left a year and a half ago. Before his return, he worked at Pine Manor College but after the resignation of John Gelormini, Bartrom was offered the open position.

Bartrom is from Huntington, Indiana, a small town in northeastern Indiana. Bartrom’s journey from midwestern student to head of ENC security is unique. His high school sweetheart attended college at ENC and he moved to Quincy in 2012 after two years of long-distance dating. He studied online at Harrison College in Indiana where he received his degree in criminal justice. Bartrom originally wanted to become a police officer but realized his calling was with security.

Bartrom and his wife both grew up in the Nazarene church. When asked about what attracted him to ENC, he said, “I’m also a Nazarene so being in a Nazarene atmosphere is definitely a plus just because having the same core values makes going through life easier.” Bartrom believes that Christian values help keep the students’ priorities in order.

Bartrom emphasizes the importance of accountability when asked about real-world advice. For example, when a student doesn’t register their car and gets a ticket from ENC, security will do their best to work with them if it’s their first violation. If they receive a ticket in a neighborhood, the city won’t go as easy on them. He said, “You’re accountable only to yourself.” Bartrom firmly believes that everyone has to take responsibility for their actions.

Floyd Bartrom enjoys coming to work because of his relationship with the students. He feels a calling to help guide and provide a safe campus for ENC. When referring to ENC students, he said his goal is “to make sure that their day to day lives on this campus is safe and that that’s something they don’t have to worry about.”