The Dugout, known for its popular chicken quesadillas and curly fries, now features a weekly specialty menu.

The weekly specials vary from pancakes and hash browns in the morning to the students’ favorite thus far: buffalo chicken fingers and wraps in the evening.

Geoffrey Bowen, now in his second year at the Dugout, has even featured a few of his own recipes, including creamy horseradish and the buffalo sauce he puts on the chicken. He also added vegetarian meals to keep options open for everyone and has mentioned that he takes suggestions from students.

These weekly specials change every Monday, but don’t worry if your favorite special goes off the menu; they repeat spontaneously throughout the month.

The idea to do weekly menus came from Bowen himself. After promoting daily specials last semester, he asked Rick Harmon, food service director, if the specials could be made weekly instead. Harmon approved of the proposal, and Bowen began thinking up ideas for the weekly specials.

On an average day, the Dugout serves about 50 students in the morning and about 100 at night. From Jan. 21 to Jan. 25, 105 orders of the buffalo chicken wraps and fingers — specialty menu items — were placed.

Since the weekly specials have started, the Dugout has increased its sales by 10 percent. The specials vary in price and cannot be purchased using transfer meals, but can be purchased with cub cash or other means.

“I’ve tried a few new items the Dugout has recently added to their menu. All of Geoff’s specials that I have tried so far have been excellent,” said sophomore Christine Fooks.

She added, “I think it’s great that the Dugout is spicing up their menu, as well as bringing different cultural foods into the mix.”

In the future, Bowen says he would like to try to get healthier foods on the menu — but for now, go try one of the weekly specials in the Dugout.