Students at ENC are making a name for themselves on the music scene in incredible, inspiring ways.

Junior Tommy Leahy and senior Dan Colasanto are proud to announce their recently-recorded CD with their 5-member band, Endure. The new EP, “Solid Ground,” showcases their melodic hardcore sound, mixed uniquely with lyrics of hope and faithfulness. Colasanto is a founding member of Endure, while Leahy recently joined in the summer of 2012.

Endure formed in 2010 with an intent to express their faith through music, despite the difficulties that task entails in today’s music scene. As a Christian hardcore band, their journey has not been an easy one, but their persistence to stand up for faith has earned them a solid fan base and many opportunities. An interview with the band’s vocalist, Leahy, provides some insight into how “Solid Ground” came to be and what Endure plans for the future.

So Tommy, how did your band get the opportunity to produce this CD? 

Well, we got the opportunity because we saved up for it. Anyone can go into a studio and record something, but you have to have the songs 100 percent prepared and the money available to get the quality you’re looking for. Plus, we recently got signed to an indie label called Contain Records that has helped us out a bit through press and merchandise.

Was this Endure’s first recording? And how did you guys prepare for it?

Actually, this is the band’s third release (second since I joined). But this is the first time we’ve been able to press physical copies of anything. We worked really hard writing and recording these songs over the summer. We are very proud with how the album came out. And the album art ended up looking great too.

Maybe you could let the readers know what to expect if they were to listen to “Solid Ground.” What are the hit songs and what are they like?

The record is about finding stability in what we believe and having faith, despite the way the world tries to knock us down. Our most popular song is “Persistence,” which we released as a single before the EP came out. That seems to be our biggest hit. We close with it a lot [at shows] and people seem to relate to it and sing along to it more than our other tracks.

What does Endure’s future look like? Any shows coming up, or more recording opportunities on the horizon?

We are debating between writing a full-length [album] and re-recording some older jams or releasing a split EP with some friends. And we have a bunch of shows and potential tour opportunities lined up for the summer.

For anyone interested in buying a CD, where and when can they buy one?

There are many different ways to purchase “Solid Ground.” Dan and I are planning on a day where we will bring all the Endure merchandise to the student center and see if anyone is interested. Also, we will be setting up an online store through our label. For now, if you go on our bandcamp page (, you can purchase the EP via PayPal.  We also sell them along with our other merchandise at shows.

Any last remarks?

If you’re interested in checking out a show, we always update our Facebook page with upcoming concerts. Shows are really cheap ($5-8) so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! Check out our page for more info: