The Dining Commons and the President’s Cabinet finalized plans last week for a garden on the roof of the Mann Student Center.

Food Service Director Rick Harmon is ecstatic about this opportunity. He sees that the garden will be extremely helpful to the cafeteria’s operations.

“[The garden] will save money in the long run, especially if we have something growing that has been effected by bad weather in another part of the country,” said Harmon.

The cafeteria is beginning the growing season in two weeks. Cafeteria gardeners will be planting tomatoes, lettuce, and salad greens, as well as various herbs. The housemade salsa will be fresher than ever.

Harmon is most excited about the salad greens and the possibilities that open up for the salad bar.

Though the news has been slow to get out, students are starting to get excited.

Sophomore Gabbie Borrero thinks that the garden will “not only help the students eat healthier, but it will also the ENC community overall.”

History professor Bill McCoy agrees, “I think the rooftop garden is the ideal encapsulation of ENC’s historical commitment to combining the best in Christian faith and higher education.”

He continued, “Not only does the garden help us redeem all of Creation, but we’re also teaching and learning about this in a higher spot than anything else on campus. Well, except maybe the solar panels on the top of Spange and Willy, but that’s another story.”

The cafeteria plans on using the existing planting beds on the roof. There was a previous garden on the roof, but it became rundown eight years ago when it fell into disuse.

In previous years, it was a peaceful place to study when the weather was nice.

Eastern Nazarene College is committed to improving the garden oasis. Trellises and benches were just purchased by the Alumni Association to reinvigorate the drab rooftop.

The garden is set to open in the fall of 2013.

New Dining Commons Head Chef Gordon Ramsay could not be reached for comment.