Cody Shepard | Editor-in-Chief
A group of students were invited to a taste testing when Chef Ramsay was interviewed. Sophomore Mike Maynard tries the gourmet macaroni and cheese and bread pudding.

The Dining Commons has hired Chef Gordon Ramsay to fill a spot opening up next year.

Food Service Director Rick Harmon and his district manager, Steve Bambi, interviewed Ramsay over spring break. Harmon remarked that Chef Ramsay was just what they were looking for.

“Chef Ramsay impressed us. His food was perfectly seasoned and delicious, but we expected that. The thing that surprised us was how much he came across as a team player,” said Harmon.

Chef Ramsay was offered the job on the spot. After consulting his family, he decided to accept the position. He will start this coming fall semester and will be cooking for the dinner shift from Sunday-Thursday.

While most of the cafeteria staff is excited for Chef Ramsay’s arrival, many of them are also nervous. Some believe that Chef Ramsay may not have the personality for ENC, but Harmon didn’t see the temper that Chef Ramsay is famous for.

Kathy Lawson, a current Pioneer lunch chef, isn’t too worried about Chef Ramsay.

“I think I’ll get along pretty well with Chef Ramsay. If he gets cranky, I’ll just smile and laugh,” said Lawson.

Even though Chef Ramsay is known worldwide for his cooking skills, he wants the students to know all of his improvements may take a few years to be implemented.

“As always, I will maintain standards and strive for perfection. However, I’m not being given quite the budget I would normally have,” wrote Chef Ramsay in a text to the Veritas News.

He continued, “My contract with Pioneer does not let me use any of my own money, so my full vision for the [Commons] may take two or three years.”

The student body is starting to get excited for his arrival. Most believe that this is a great change for the cafeteria at ENC.

“I watch the cooking channel every night and have grown to love [Chef Ramsay]. I think we are blessed to have the opportunity to have a chef as widely known as Ramsay working for the students. I believe that this is the start of something new. It’s all going to change now,” said freshman Canaan Hess.

A Pioneer College Caterers representative would not disclose the terms of Chef Ramsay’s contract, but all indications are that the contract is for fewer than five years.

Pioneer is discussing the idea of Chef Ramsay becoming a food consultant for the Christian catering company in the future.

Chef Ramsay will still maintain all 11 of his restaurants.

“Pioneer has been very gracious to give me Fridays and Saturdays off to travel to my restaurants,” said Chef Ramsay.

The Ramsay family will be staying in Young apartments for a few weeks while their house is built in Hingham, Mass. Two of Chef Ramsay’s children will be attending Campus Kinder Haus in the fall.