Cody Shepard | Editor-in-ChiefFreshman Canaan Hess struggles up the final stairs to Third Gardner.

Cody Shepard | Editor-in-Chief
Freshman Canaan Hess struggles up the final stairs to Third Gardner.

Complaints of “I hate those stairs” and “Ugh, why didn’t I take the elevator?” won’t be heard as much next semester as the Registrar’s Office has announced that physical education credit will be offered to those that take the stairs to Third Gardner, rather than taking the elevator.

“Beginning in the fall of 2013, students will now be able to earn physical education credits for each class they have on the third floor of Gardner,” said Assistant Registrar Jaime Milburn.

Students that usually take the stairs to class will now have an extra reward for doing so. Those that typically opt to take the elevator have a tough decision to make: take the stairs for gym credit or keep taking the elevator so as to not enter class out of breath.

“Students may earn .5 credits per semester for committing to taking the stairs to their third floor classes, as opposed to taking the elevator. PE course add slips will need to be signed by your course instructor and turned into the Registrar’s Office in advance of the start of classes to qualify for these credits,” said Milburn.

Many advisers began telling the Registrar’s Office that they were finding it difficult to schedule their students’ two-credit physical education requirements.

After numerous meetings between the administration, Registrar’s Office, and Athletics Department, offering gym credit for taking the stairs seemed to be the best option to offer a new opportunity for PE credit.

If a student has more than one class on Third Gardner, they will only be able to earn .5 credits per semester.

Senior Wes Paul, an English major who has frequently had classes on the third floor, agreed to comment on this new development, with the condition that his entire quote be included.

“Look, I’m what you’d call a ‘stairs guy.’ I love stairs, inside and out —most stairs,” said Paul. “But, these stairs, I tell you. It’s, well, let me put it this way: it’s a different story. Having gone to ENC for four or three years, it’s pretty obvious to me that whoever designed Gardner was dropped as a small child. And I mean that in the best way. I’m not telling any stories!”

He continued, “But yeah, I think it’s great we’re going to get credit for taking these stairs. I’m known around campus for being quite the athlete, but even I break out into a sweating slob of salami every time I have to go to the third floor. This is a win-win for Team Wesley.”

Many undergraduate students have expressed happiness in being able to earn PE credit next semester for simply taking the stairs.

The credit will begin to be offered this coming fall.