Last night, April 11, SGA’s Spring Fever Week continued with its annual Lip Sync event, held in the Mann Student Center Auditorium.

Five groups competed for three judges, who provided feedback. The judges for the evening were Professor Matt Henry, women’s basketball coach Sacha Santimano, and Vice President for Student Development Dr. Vern Wesley.

Next year’s SGA hosted the event, kicking off the evening with a lip-syncing routine of their own. Each member, decked out in flannels, white shorts, and sunglasses, participated in a reenactment of “Old Time Rock N’ Roll” as famously sung by Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.”

The evening’s winner for the third consecutive year was “Best Friends” featuring seniors Chima Ezeigbo, Dan LaBossiere, Jacob Misla, and Josh Henry.

The performance given by “Best Friends” included lots of shimmying, cartwheels, and enthusiastic grins. Special effects made the routine unforgettable, with black lights, strobe lights, and ripping T-shirts. Audience members laughed and cheered from start to finish, eventually giving the performance a standing ovation.

Judge Henry responded to the four seniors’ routine with awe and pride.

“I am so proud that this is what ENC has created after four years,” he said.

Dr. Wesley agreed, humorously choking up like a proud father.

“I can remember when you did your first [Lip Sync performance] … I am really proud.”

This is the last year that these “best friends” can perform. The four seniors took their third win with excitement, but also with the realization that this is their final Lip Sync victory.

“We’re a little sad,” commented Misla, “but we hope that someone will continue our legacy.”

Runner-up in second place was “The Second Coming,” a team of freshman boys dancing comically to girly pop songs and tossing candy into the audience. A touching moment between team members Jon Stiles and Andrew Hudson during “A Thousand Miles” evoked much laughter. Tyler Spencer and Cameron Smith also danced and lip-synced with bursting energy.

“Witty Whits” came in third place with a performance starring Wesley Paul, Josh Whitney, and David Burley. With complicated dance moves and constant jerking motions, Paul won over the crowd with his dedication to the performance.

Judge Henry responded to the routine saying simply: “Beautiful. That’s all I have to say.”

Other performances included a beautiful lyrical number by “Conquering Force” as well as a typical tongue-dancing routine from the humorous “Team Fatty,” a team that also competes in numerous intramurals throughout the year.

Overall, Lip Sync provided an evening full of roaring laughter, crazy dance moves, and unbeatable entertainment.